The Davis Kids Klub Program are committed to providing quality, affordable educational and recreational activities to all Davis families and to enrich their lives through arts, athletics, community involvement with emotional and academic support.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Davis Kids Klub is to work in close partnership with the Davis Joint Unified School District to provide an affordable, quality enrichment program for children. Our program is committed to meeting the unique needs of all children by supporting their academic, physical and socio-emotional development in a safe, nurturing, inclusive environment. Each site-based program has a caring and qualified staff that is dedicated to providing children with fun and enriching opportunities. We work closely with children, families, district staff, and community members to support, encourage and challenge children to be active, engaged, creative, socially and academically aware students and citizens.

Core Values

  • Create a highly involved community

  • Make available to families of varying incomes

  • Involve fiscally responsible community groups

  • Articulate a strong and consistent city, university and school district commitment and vision for the program

  • Prepare children to be successful, contributing members of society

  • Instill in students the value of their contributions and responsibility to the larger community and society

  • Provide maximum support to schools, principals, teachers and students

  • Appreciate diversity and support individual development of each child

  • Promote clean, safe and respectful environment

  • Expect high goals and standards for schools and youth programs

Follow the mission statement

  • Review existing programs, research new programs and determine which programs follow the vision and community desires

  • Identify changes

  • Provide parent education

  • Create transportation opportunities

  • Include opportunities for youth to enhance learning and increase civic participation

  • Identify options for utilizing existing school facilities

  • Strengthen and create strong ties with the City of Davis, UC Davis and local businesses

  • Encourage broad based community support and involvement

  • Develop characteristics and qualities of educational youth programs, long term goals, long term facility needs and funding

  • Identify options to enhance education after school and pre school programs which include collaboration amongst all participants


  • Facilities revenue to District

  • Low costs to families-sliding scale and scholarships

  • Opportunities for teachers to obtain specific tutoring for students

  • Community Collaboration

Davis Kids Klub

  • Offers your child(ren) save, well organized and enriching day camp settings and activities

  • Operates under the authority of the State of California Health and Safety regulations as a summer and after school camp and is recognized by the Yolo County Health Department as a day camp

  • Is not licensed child care under the auspices of the Community Child Care Licensing Division of the Department of Social Services

  • Daily schedules and activities are available to your child during all the hours for which you have contracted with DKK registrar

  • Participants are free to drop-in or to leave on their own accord, but must follow DKK participation and behavior codes while engaged in camp activities

  • Parents may require their childrento stay at the camp site from when the children are dropped off until they are picked up; this is the individual parent's choice. If this is your wish, make sure your child has a clear understanding of your wishesthat they remain at camp and engaged in all camp activities until you arrive to pick them up.

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